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Main Street, Amherst

Visualeyes city. Located in the Elmwood Village, Buffalo, NY
We travel the world to find the most unique and high quality frames available; ranging from artistic, eye-catching eyewear to simple, elegant styles. We offer customized lenses, and optical adjustments. Your eyewear is hand selected to highlight your personality, individual style, and give you the best vision possible.

Visualeyes city is a warm and friendly environment where you'll enjoy unparalleled customer service. Whether you need an adjustment, lenses, or a new look, Visualeyes city welcomes you.

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V i s u a l e y e s  c i t y
7 3 5   E l m w o o d   A v e n u e,  
 B u f f a l o,    N Y     1 4 2 2 2 
 7 1 6   -   8 8 6   -   2 0 2 0
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